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Surely everyone has watched the movie Forrest Gump. In one scene, while sitting on a park bench, Forrest is telling the story of his childhood. He had to have braces on his legs. His mama called them his “Magic Shoes”, she said they’d take him anywhere. After Forrest’s legs strengthened, he ran right out of those braces. And from then on he was “Run-ning”. That seems to be the theme for this years edition of our A-Town Panthers. They are “Run-ning”.

This past Friday night at Lon Armstrong Stadium, the Panthers ran around, through, and right by the Mid Carolina Rebels. How much so? The Panthers put up 597 yards rushing. That’s an insane amount of rushing yards. Some teams may not rush for that many yards in an entire season. The Panthers did it on 61 carries. Big gaping holes created by a big physical offensive line and selfless running backs, have allowed these gaudy numbers to jump off of the sports page at you. As a team the Panthers are averaging 373.17 yards rushing per game. That’s an average of 8.81 yards per rush. To put that in perspective, the Panthers are averaging a first down, every other play when they hand the ball off. Of their six opponents so far this season, the Panthers have played four 3A schools, one 2A school and Lincoln County, the winningest team in Georgia high school football history. It’s not like the Panthers are running up and down the field on Sallie Mae Catholic School for Orphaned Girls. Through six games the Panthers are averaging 45 points per game while giving up 14 points per game.

The Panther defense seems to have found their stride as well. The Panthers have allowed 88 points this season. They have faced spread teams who throw it every play. They’ve faced balanced teams who can mix the run with the pass. They’ve faced running teams who like to line up and test your manhood. They’ve passed every test with flying colors. With only four regular season games remaining, can the Panthers maintain their elite level of play? The next test is a big one.

Check back later this week for a full preview of your #1 2A Panthers vs. #3 4A Hartsville Red Foxes.

God Bless and Go Panthers!