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Think about some endearing names you might call your loved ones. Honey, baby, sweetie. You probably would never think to call your special someone a Hogmollie. You might come away with a black eye, right? Well there’s one group of young men who want nothing more than to be called a Hogmollie. Being a Hogmollie is almost like being in a fraternity. Offensive linemen never get the spot light, unless they are called for a holding penalty, or for jumping offsides. You are in the trenches every play, on the line of scrimmage, and the Hogmollies set the tone for the entire team.

Think about it.

2017 Abbeville Offensive Line

You can have the best quarterback in the country, the fastest running backs in the world, all the pieces of a dynamic offense that you could possibly have…And if your offensive line is not very good, the rest doesn’t matter at all. Everything starts up front with the Hogmollies. Quarterbacks need time to set their feet, find an open receiver and deliver a pass. The Hogmollies are responsible for keeping that Quarterback on his feet. They are responsible for keeping defensive pressure off of him, giving him a clean view of the field so he can find a lane to throw the ball. It wouldn’t matter if Usane Bolt was your running back, if the Hogmollies are not doing their job, opening up running lanes, moving massive piles of defenders, those running backs are going to get hit and more than likely, they are going to lose yards.

A good offensive line can make a good offense, great and a great offense always begins with the guys up front. The Hogmollies. Now, you can’t be soft and be a Hogmollie. There may be a string of 5, 6, 7 plays where some positions on the field won’t get hit at all. Zero contact. That is never the case for a Hogmollie. Every game, every play, a Hogmollie is hitting someone. The great ones have a nastiness about them. A mean streak. The kinda guy that you wouldn’t want to get in a street fight with. Some coaches would say that you have to have a guy with “some dawg in ya” or a “war daddy”. It’s a streak of aggression and a will to win, a will to whip the guy in front of you That, is what it takes to be a Hogmollie.

Abbeville offensive line coach Wayne Botts was a Hogmollie, and a darn good one. He is20170803_105411 now in charge of putting the best five on the field this season and he has a good cast of Hogmollies to choose from. Connor Nickles, Griffin Lewis, Trey Jones, Jake Hill, DeMichael Williams, Tyrese Harrison, Jacob Stone,  Carson Smith and Dae Dae Bowie will suit up for the Panthers this season and take on the coveted role of Hogmollies. You’ll see some combination of these guys protecting the Quarterback and opening up running lanes for the Running backs this season. So the next time you see a Hogmollie, shake his hand. He’s battling every snap to make the Panthers great.


The WCTEL Kickoff Classic is tomorrow, Friday August 4th at Hite Stadium-Dennis Botts Field. The games will start at 6pm. Abbeville plays Newberry in the 3rd game of the evening. Get there early and grab a good seat.


“It’s All About the ‘A’ will be on sale starting at 530 inside the stadium. This book covers the 100 year history of Abbeville Football. Pre-sales are SOLD OUT and you can only get your copy at the game.

God Bless and Go Panthers!